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  • Melinda Murphy

A lunar loo?

The wave of social change has also reached NASA, which recently announced plans to rename its headquarters in Washington DC after Mary Jackson, one of the brilliant mathematicians featured in the movie ‘Hidden Figures.’ And while it was her skills that helped get us to the moon, yours might help us stay there. The space agency just launched a contest to flush out designs for a cosmic commode; Specifically, a toilet that can be used on the moon. Currently, they have one in use, and one in the pipeline, for the microgravity of the International Space Station. But what they’re looking for this time is a device that can also work on the lunar surface. This “Lunar Loo Challenge” comes with 35-thousand dollars in prizes. Creative teens can participate in the Junior category for a shot at public recognition and some NASA swag. The competition closes on Aug. 17th. The website for those interested?

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