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  • Melinda Murphy

One man makes 500 shopping trips for seniors

Greg Dailey wakes up at 4 a.m. every day to start his newspaper route in East Windsor, New Jersey.

He's had this second job for almost 25 years, but since statewide stay-at-home orders forced him to close his frame shop in late March, it's become his main source of income.

For the last two months, Dailey, 50, has kept himself busy delivering far more than newspapers. He's become a lifeline for 120 senior citizens who are afraid to venture out because of Covid-19.

To date, Dailey has made more than 500 trips to the grocery store for them and delivered everything to their homes -- for free.

This goodwill effort started when one of his elderly customers asked him to throw the paper closer to her door. A couple days later, while Dailey was in line at the grocery store, the 88-year-old woman popped into his mind.

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