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  • Melinda Murphy

Making the most of quarantine

Mark Fay had been living in London and working as a tour guide through Europe when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

It was time to come back home to Perth, and that meant spending two weeks in government-enforced isolation upon arrival in Western Australia at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

The former Perth primary school teacher was warned he would hate being cooped up in the city room, and to prepare for boredom.

But that was not Mr Fay's style. "For me personally, I was always focusing on the positives of it," he said.

"I saw it as an opportunity to relax, never for a second did I get upset about it."

His own mother had these words of wisdom when he called her from the hotel: "Enjoy lockdown, it doesn't last forever".

He followed his mother's advice. The result? This amusing video taped while in lockdown.

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