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  • Melinda Murphy

Iceland adopts all of zoo's penguins to save it from closure

Courtesy Proper Manchester

Thousands of people have shown support for Chester Zoo as it fights to survive the lockdown-induced closure. 

The zoo launched the SaveOurZoo campaign last Wednesday, due to the uncertainty of when it will be able to reopen based on the government guidelines.

The zoo has raised over £2.2 million in a matter of days, calling on people to donate directly, adopt an animal or purchase memberships.

The frozen food specialist opted for the animal that epitomises everything frozen, the penguin. 

Although the Humboldt penguins are actually from South America, not Iceland, the chain thought it was the most appropriate way to support the cause during this difficult time. 

The Humboldt penguins have recently welcomed a crèche of chicks, all of which have been named after NHS hospitals to commemorate their hard work during the pandemic.

Like most of Chester Zoo’s animals, the Humboldt penguin is a vulnerable species so Iceland hopes this donation will help keep the zoo running and contributing to the conservation of species.

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