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  • Melinda Murphy

Dog get honorary vet degree

“Moose” is one awesome therapy dog who is getting big honors from Virginia Tech.

He’s worked at Virginia Tech’s Cook Counseling Center since 2014.

Moose has been in more than 7,500 counseling sessions, making him one awesome mental health advocate.

He’s had some challenges of his own.

Earlier this year, doctors diagnosed Moose with prostate cancer. He’s made it through aggressive rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

He’s back to work at Virginia Tech.

Leaders there thought Moose needed to be recognized for his outstanding service and contributions to the school.

They awarded him with his own honorary veterinary degree during this week’s graduation ceremonies.

When Moose isn’t working so hard helping others he enjoys swimming, playing tug of war, and perhaps most of all, eating.

You can follow Moose and his fellow Virginia Tech therapy dogs on Instagram.

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