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  • Melinda Murphy

A COVID Christmas

Quarantine Christmas should join the list of pop culture holidays like Festivus.

Dad Neil Robinson came up with the idea for his young children Carter and Kennedy.

The general idea? Wrap up toys and food the family already had.

The lit up tree awaited the Robinson kids with wrapped gifts–All stuff the family already had in the house. Happy Quarantine Christmas!

What brilliance!

The parents woke the kids up with all the excitement of a traditional Christmas Day.

Carter and Kennedy ran downstairs to find the lit up Christmas tree with gifts below.

How adorable to watch their excited reactions!

This makes total sense.

Little Kennedy Robinson is quite pleased with her gift of a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for Quarantine Christmas.

Aren’t we all looking around our lockdown homes and thinking, “How did I get all this stuff?”

“What do I really need?”

“It’s a banana!” Does it get any better for Carter Robinson’s Quarantine Christmas?

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