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  • Melinda Murphy

89-year-old makes 600 masks

An 89-year-old grandmother who lives alone in Chicago, Illinois had been cooped up all day with her TV, computer games, and, of course, her sewing machine.

So when the world was put on lockdown, the first thing that crossed Grandma Terry’s mind was the safety of her family all over the country.

After grabbing all the fabric she could, Teresa Provo sewed a mask for every single one of her 50 family members and friends—and then mailed them all over Chicago, Wisconsin, Florida, Minnesota, and California.

Each mask was personalized for each person using fabric featuring their favorite sports teams, like the Chicago Cubs or Blackhawks, and included handwritten notes of encouragement.

All the while, this elderly get-er-done force-of-nature was listening to The Beatles.

Now? She's made up to 600 masks!

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