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  • Melinda Murphy

Coolest Zoom backgrounds ever!

Courtesy Bleeding Cool The BBC has released a tonne of high res set photos for use in people's Zoom calls. Though because they are the BBC, they can't say Zoom. As other videoconferencing software solutions are available.

And they have everything from Swap Shop to Yes Minister to Hancock's Half Hour to Strictly Come Dancing to Blankety Blank. But they also have a bunch of sci-fi shows too, which is where Bleeding Cool comes in. It makes me wonder what Jude will do with the following from Doctor Who, Quatermass, Blake's Seven and… The Andromeda Strain. A little on the nose there? Here are the Doctor Who and Blake's Seven sets… what can you do with them? Time to call my Dad i think, I'll use the Masque Of The Mandragora set I think.

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